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Private Cloud Solution

We can accommodate 1U systems, up to full racks, multiple racks, private cages and even your own private or shared suites. At LinkLong we give provide you with the best colocation services possible!

VMware Cloud

Our Data Centers offer dual power feeds, redundant diesel back up generators along with two to four power circuits per cabinets normally at 208Volt power for the best efficiency possible.

Cloud Backup

Every LinkLong data center offers multiple levels of security and redundancy to meet all strict government and healthcare industry standards. We have HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SSAE-16 certifications.

Everything you need for a cloud solution

Less worries on downtime. Better security to protect your project and information.
Better business operation efficiency.

Cost Effective

Reduce capital outlay for infrastructure investments and leverage on the benefits of our economies of scale, best practices, and automation.

Technical Experts

Let our team of experts manage your solutions to let you focus on your development.

Top Level Support

We provide friendly and professional top-level technical support via email, live chat, and remote access help.

Cloud Server Deals

LINKLONG offers high bandwidth solutions, at affordable prices.

High Freq Forex VPS
100 TB Bandwidth on 10 Gbps
Up to 4 SSD's & 2 NVME's
Dual Intel E5-2690v4
64GB DDR4 Ram
100TB on 10 Gbps
Up to 8 SSD's & 2 NVME's
1TB NVME (Customizable)
Dual Intel Scalable 6222V
128GB DDR4 Ram
100 TB Bandwidth on 10 Gbps
1x1TB NVMe
Supports up to 10 NVMe's

Now that you know LINKLONG can connect to the cloud, what makes us stand out?

Well, our SmartE Cloud system has some pretty awesome features, adaptable to any kind of cloud infrastructure:

Data Security

LINKLONG Cloud services use multiple redundant systems which provide maximum protection for data and the server as a whole.

Real-Time Protection

With rollback snapshot capabilities, LINKLONG cloud allows users to return their server to an earlier configuration without having to worry about settings or changed files. Your system can also run in “development/staging” or “production” modes simultaneously

Dedicated Network

The availability of LINKLONG dedicated and private networks provides maximum performance for high-demand applications (like VoIP) and provides the security a business needs for their network.

High Performance Forex VPS and Cloud Servers

LINKLONG hosting servers located in prime data centers. Pick one that suits you and enjoy our Forex VPS solutions.

Redundant System

LINKLONG Cloud’s completely redundant system allows for any one part to fail with absolutely no interruption or degradation in performance.

Snapshot Points

Snapshot points within your cloud infrastructure provides a near-instant recovery solution for your systems.

Archival Storage

The archival storage process of our cloud system will provide you with the reliability you need for protecting your data.

Off-Site Backups

An option of LINKLONG cloud allows you to automatically backup your data off-site, providing redundancy against natural disasters, etc.

Get Cloud Connected

Get Your Custom Cloud Solution with us today!

Enterprise Hardware

To ensure stability and performance, we only use company-owned latest generation enterprise-class hardware in our dedicated servers.

Root Access

Full admin or root access means full control of your server. Install any programs you like & have full control over your apps, traffic & more.

Custom Management

Do you require extra help? Let our team of experts take care of it, so you focus on running your business! Management options starting from just $50 per month!

99.999% SLA Uptime

Each one of our data centers offer multiple levels of redundancy to ensure uptime and reliability for your business no matter the location.